What is NOW.

We help brands grow by making them useful into people’s life.

We are a data-driven, creative technology agency that designs and develops communication based on meaningful products, services and experiences to your users.
We make acts not ads. We turn ideas into real things in a new philosophy of communication we are pioneering: Branded Utility.

How NOW do it

Branded Utility.

Mixing creative, engineering and data skills, we solve communication & business issues with a defined objective: Make your brand useful in people's life.

Why NOW?

Because the time has come.

And it is a fact. Let’s face it. Users would not care if +90% of brands disappeared*. Less than 8% of brands actually make a difference to our quality of life*. Year after year people’s expectations of how brands should be and behave are ceaselessly increasing. People, beyond the actual product they are buying, want brands to improve their lives.*

*Meaningful Brands 2017

We think communication is no longer about telling, but about doing. We think brands should stop making people love things and start making things people love. We think advertising is no longer about positioning brands in user’s minds, but in user’s lives. The future we all have been waiting for is finally here. The future is now.